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System requirements :  3dsmax 2013 to 2018.

Licence details :

It’s a node locked licence. (you can only use it on one computer).

You don’t need a license to open or render the scenes.

Email us for floating licenses before you buy.

To get your Mac Address, you can run this tool inside 3dsmax.

25.00€ TTC
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Substance Painter to VRAY
Substance Painter to VRAY

This is a little free tool to help you import and setup the shaders created with Substance Painter, inside 3dsmax and render them properly with Vray.


Substance Painter Render : 


3dsmax Vray Render :



Step1-Max preparation.

Note: This tool works with the default Vray workflow (with change on gamma).

Setup your scene as usual to export objects from 3dsMax to Substance Painter.

Keep in mind to give correct name without forbidden characters to your shader it’s important.

Step2- Substance Painter

Import your model, bake and create all your shaders as usual (you can follow the great tutorial from Darren Wallace if you need help to setup scene).

Step3- Substance Painter export.

Select the Vray exporter in the config and choose format of your export and the folder where you want to export all your maps.

Step4- 3dsMax import.

Launch SubstanceToVRAY tool (Scripting>run script>SubstanceToVRAY.mse) and select the folder where you create your maps. The script will find all the maps you create and recognize shaders.

If you click on CREATE Shaders, you will find on your material editors the shaders created (with correct gamma correction for the maps) ready to render. You can directly assign new shaders by clicking on “Update Scene Object”.

That’s it!

Locks Manager
Locks Manager

This is a small but extremely useful tool. I use it everyday and it saves me a lot of trouble and number of clicks.   It basically shortcuts the access to the “Link Info” options of the Hierarchy Panel. Instead of going … Read More


– quickly detach mesh elements from UV seams.
– Flatten the Mesh following the UV,
– go from your mesh to the flatten one with a morpher

Save Button
Save Button

If you’re tired of 3dsmax Auto-saving and freezing when you are working,

this script is for you.

It’s based on an idea of Vincent Lacour.


installation :

  • Put the file in the Scripts/startup folder of your 3dsmax installation.
  • Restart 3dsmax


How it works :

  • When you start 3dsmax you’ll notice a new tool at the bottom left of your UI.
  • If you right clic on the biggest button, you’ll see a few options :

      – off to turn it off,

      – restart to restart the countdown

      – and a few timing options

  • If you choose a time interval the button starts to count the time.
  • It doesn’t save automatically your file. When the chosen time interval is reached, the button starts to blink in red, so you know you should save.
  • To save your file, just clic on the big button to replace the file, use the + to increment or “As” to save as.
  • Each time you save with these buttons the countdown is restarted.


Updates :

03/08/2016 : now resetting a scene also reset the counter.