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Pflow Labyrinth

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A quick Pflow Script to create random growing labyrinth effect.


Here is how to setup it quickly :

in the script operator, open or copy paste the downloadable script.


  • To modify the effect, edit the script and change the “EACH” value.

This value is by default a random value. You can change it’s random range or set it to a fixed value.

This is basically each frame the particle changes direction, so if you set it to 10, the particles will change direction each 10 frames.

if you keep it random, the changes will be random, and each particle with a different changing frame.

  • You also can change the “SPEED” value.
  • Of course because it’s a Pflow script you can add more Pflow operators to it, like a collision, to keep it inside a volume…etc


Product Description

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2 reviews for Pflow Labyrinth

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very Usefull and simple !
    I’m currently creating a thunder bolt effect with it !!!!!
    Thx for sharing freely this awesome tool !

    • :

      Thks my friend ! I’m glad you like it and look forward to see your results.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Powerful tool. Thanks for providing it free.

    I have been strugging to get the code right to create a particular pattern.

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