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UI Toolkit

70.00€ TTC

System requirements :  3dsmax 2013 to 2017.

Licence details :

It’s a node locked licence. (you can only use it on one computer).

You can render locally or bake the animation in Alembic.

To get your Mac Address, you can run this tool inside 3dsmax.

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Product Description

UI Toolkit, is a serie of new 3dsmax scripted plugins, to quickly create modern & sci fi UI and motion graphics directly in 3dsmax.

With a lot of procedural parameters and ways to animate and link them together.

More tools to come, you can email us to suggest some new features/objects.

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Features :

  • 18 new geometry plugins.
  • a full illustrated help file.
  • Lines Grid : create grid with lines, dots and numbers.
  • Circle Grid  : create circle grid with lines, dots and numbers.
  • Dots Grid : a grid made of different dot types (you can use symbols as dots), you can animate with a map,
  • Stripe : create a stripe with substripes divisions and procedural animations.
  • Stripes Circle : create a circle stripe with substripes divisions and procedural animations.
  • Connections : animate lines between helpers or vertices, with texts and dots as well.
  • Trail : make a mesh trail along object trajectory or following spline deformations.
  • Function : animate a line with dots and animated numbers values.
  • Scanner : holographic effect with projected lines on mesh.
  • Dots Line : lines of dots, it has 4 different modes : line, circle, anchors, along spline.
  • Dots Sphere : create a dots sphere where you can animate dots parameters with a map.
  • Network + Network Dots and Network Stripes : advanced way of making grids, lines…etc with much more control over the dots transforms and aspects, the Network can be deformed in 3D.
  • Numbers : animate number values.
  • Polygon : create a polygon between helpers, or from a Network object, with outline and dots options.
  • Symbols : animate a serie of custom symbols as if they were numbers values.
  • Rays : project rays from mesh vertices to another mesh surface, with lines and dots options.
  • You can use our tool EchOoo Pro with all the UI Toolkit tools to enhance it, make copies and offset their animation. If you use it with the Numbers object, you can easily create a matrix effect…etc
  • You can use our tool Atom with the Network object. Because the Network is only vertices, Atom can connect them with dots and lines to make a Plexus effect.




Additional Information

3ds Max Version

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


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