your Rig Department
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We are the rigging department of Hocus Pocus Studio, and we have been doing Character Rigging for years and provided flexible and animators friendly rigs and custom tools for a lot of projects.

From game cinematics to feature films, and series, commercials, video clips…etc
for clients and studios from everywhere.

Whether you don’t have time or you don’t have the people to do it, we are here to help you.

We are Your Rig Department.
3D Dragon Character rigging


We can make pretty crazy rigs, with Squash&Stretch deformations,
Bendy limbs and cartoony blendshapes.


We also do advanced realistic Character Rigging for VFX, digital doubles, or cinematics.
With muscles,  pose space deformations, and correctives,
cloth, scanned FACS…etc


Body Rigs
Full IK/FK rigs
Animator friendly
Facial Rig
Blendshapes, bones or mixed techniques.
Muscle Rig
using our custom in house solution
vehicules, robots, props and machines
we can provide a blendshape only service.
Custom Tools
upon request

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