Body Rigs are what we do the most.
Humanoids, quadrupeds, creatures, birds…etc, it can be anything.

We can build different types of rigs depending on your needs.
It can be realistic or cartoony, we can create any rig features your animators want.

On top of that, we can also provide tools for your animators:

  • Character picker.
  • Pose saver.
  • Animation saver.
  • Procedural animation controls, for tails, tentacles…etc.
  • And other tools for your animators, and the rest of your team.

We also do a lot of Facial Rigs.
And we use different techniques for that:

  • Full blendshapes/morphs, and you can even provide them.
  • Bones Only.
  • Blendshapes with skinned helpers to correct the poses.
  • Bones Rig with corrective Morphs driven by the rig. 
  • Custom modifiers and Solvers.

To drive your Facial Rig, we can provide different solutions:

  • Controllers on the face.
  • Separate viewport UI.
  • Attribute Holder / Modifier.
  • Picker.
  • Mocap Ready.



If you need more realistic deformations, then we can do full Muscle Rigs,
with skin sliding and fat jiggling, correctives, dynamics, wrinkles…etc
We can also provide Rigs with pose space deformation, for faster workflows.

We have been doing R&D around muscle systems since 2012, and we have developed several techniques and tools for different types of projects/budgets.

A muscle rig is something happening on top of an existing character/creature rig.
We can build the underlying rig, or you can send us an existing rig of yours and let us enhance it.



We can also rig any asset.
It can be robots, vehicles, machines, or props, using realistic constraints.

We can also provide tools to control your rigs:

  • Custom UI.
  • Procedural animation.



Making facial shapes that will work nicely when combined is an art we have learned to master through the years.

If you already have a rig, and just need blendshapes / morphs, we can do that too.
They can be cartoony or realistic, human, animal…etc


You can send us your model and ask for a needed series of shapes, and we can also advise you on what are the shapes you need will for your characters.



We can help you create the tools you need.

We have been doing this for 10 years now, using mainly Maxscript and dotnet.
We are one of the most recognized independent tool developers for 3dsmax,
and maybe you already use our tools.
We helped many clients to achieve things they couldn’t with out of the box solutions or existing plugins, and solve their technical difficulties.
So because we all have our own way of doing things, our own pipeline, we often need very special tools to solve very specific problems.

You can buy or download some of our tools here:
But we can do so much more for you, like:

  • Rigging tools.
  • Animation tools.
  • Custom modifiers.
  • Custom objects.
  • Custom controllers and scripted controllers.
  • Modeling tools.
  • Procedural stuff.
  • well…anything actually

Just ask us.

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