Questions :


  • You haven’t received the license file, it should come in a separate email.

our server can be offline for some reasons, so if it takes time, please wait a few hours (we might be in a separate time zone).

  • You have received the license file, but it is not placed in 3dsmax/scripts root folder (not in any other subfolder, it has to be in the scripts folder).
  • You ordered with the wrong MAC address, please use this tool to get it properly : DOWNLOAD.
  • 3dsmax can’t access your MAC address for some reasons (check your network card settings).
  • You have reinstalled windows.
  • You have changed something in your hardware.
  • The license file isn’t in 3dsmax/scripts root folder.
  • You have changed something in your network card settings.

Solution : send us your new MAC address ( please use this tool Download.).

Of course you can, if the tool is compatible with the version you want. And most of them are compatible with multiple 3dsmax versions.

Use the same Installer, and just install the tool in the other 3dsmax version the same way you installed before.

Don’t forget to copy the license file in the corresponding 3dsmax/scripts root folder.

That’s the other name for your Ethernet address,

please use this tool to get it properly : DOWNLOAD.

Yes, you can, just uninstall the tool and remove the license file from the previous machine if you can still access it.

Then send us your new MAC address by email, and we will send you a new license file.

It depends on the license you have.

  • If you have a node-locked license, your license is locked to a specific machine which means you cannot use it elsewhere,

and as explained in the EULA, you don’t have the legal right to do it. But if you change your computer or need a permanent switch, then let us know, we can do it.

  • If you have a floating license, yes, it’s done for that, you can switch the license between users or even have multiple users using it at the same time.

The only restriction is that users machines have to be on the same network and be able to access the machine where the license server is stored.

Floating licenses are more flexible but also a bit more expensive, so if you are just 2 or 3 users, you should buy multiple node-locked licenses.

If you have a node-locked license yes, we offer a free 2nd license for home or remoting usage.

Just ask for it and send us your home computer MAC address.

Log into your account on our website, and you will have access to all the latest files and installers for the tools you bought.

Feel free to ask us anything, we will answer as much as possible.

  • If this is a bug correction, we will try to solve it (if possible).
  • If that’s a new option or a modification, it will depend if we believe it can benefit every user or not,

so we can take it in consideration for a future update for everyone, or just for you but in that case, it will have a cost.

We do only tools for 3dsmax as this is our main tool for our studio works.

I don’t say we will never do any tools for other applications, but not in a near future, sorry.

  • If that’s a license error, please read the answers to questions related to licenses.
  • Check that your models are resetXformed and collapsed before you do anything else.

This advice applies to everything in 3dsmax, you shouldn’t rig or do anything on models which have rotation or scale values.

  • Read the help file and watch the tutorials, maybe you forgot to do something, or you use it in a different way.
  • Then send us an email, with the description of what happened in details, and when it happened.

Please add to your email, a copy of the error message and also what is written in the Maxscript listener (the little pink window at the bottom left of 3dsmax UI).

If you can also send us the 3dsmax scene where you have the problem it will help a lot.

  • If we don’t find a solution with these, we can schedule a remote desktop session where I can directly see on your machine, and do tests in 3dsmax with some code to see what’s wrong.

Yes we do that often for a lot of studios, and we probably already have thought about solutions for the problem you might have.

We can code a lot of different tools, for pipeline, modeling, rigging, animation, assets management, rendering, fx…etc

Feel free to ask anything, send us an email where you can detail your needs and specifications.

Some tools come with an .exe installer.

It asks you to choose the 3dsmax path to install the tool on your 3dsmax version.

If you change this path, you might have an error message.


How to solve : simply run the installer as administrator

  • to do that, right click on the installer icon and choose run as administrator.

Some tools install with a .mzp, which is the auto-extracting archive format for 3dsmax.

Usually, you install a .mzp by drag and dropping it inside 3dsmax.

On some machines, because of admin rights, drag and dropping or running the .mzp doesn’t work.


How to solve :

  • Follow the steps described in the installation pdf files which are in you downloadable files.
  • It will explain how to extract the files from the .mzp manually, and where to place them.
  • You first will have to open it with winrar.

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