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A quick wip of an old script
It’s not directly an update for my last feather tool. Just a different approach.
The previous one used the vertices to place the feathers, and if you wanted to have a big amount of feathers you needed a very high mesh.

With this one, you can use a very low res mesh with a very big amount of feathers.
The first tool used 3dsmax constraints on each feather and so it was slow if you increase the number of feather.
This one don’t use constraints anymore, but also there is no dynamics on this one.
But I’ll work on it to find a good solution.



A Maxscript Tool for feather Rigging.
Features :
– Feathers Scale by Vertex Color
– Random rotations and scales
– Feathers on vertex selection
– Modeling cage
– Additional helpers to control rotations, scale and wind by distance.
– 3dsMax Wind Force
– Dynamic delay
– Adjustable feather geometry
– 3dsmax deflectors collisions

3 Responses

  1. ehab
    | Reply

    Hello I just need to know how can I get this script please reply to me ASAP

    • Kinematic
      | Reply

      Hi Ehab,

      as described in the section you saw the video, it’s R&D only, I guess it will never come out.


  2. dimitris
    | Reply


    hope to come out sometime.

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