Maxscript Joystick

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A Joystick, only programmed with Maxscript.
It returns a point2 value, and so It can control what you want, positions, rotations, scale, or any variable you want.


4 Responses

  1. torino
    | Reply

    Hi !
    Where can we download this script ?

  2. whatever
    | Reply

    You can’t. This guy posts things to just show off.

  3. Kinematic
    | Reply

    Well, he’s right, you can’t, and «this guy», me, gives a lot of other tools for free, so I don’t post to show off. but because this is in our R&D section, these are researches or work in progress, so if I don’t release them, there are good reasons for that, they are simply just not ready for a proper release or just interesting tests but far to be usable by others…etc if they manage to be finished one day you will find out on our facebook page.

    I hope you guys can understand that.

  4. Dennis
    | Reply

    Amazing work!

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