Muscle and Skin sliding R&D

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This is an overview of some researches I’m doing for Muscles and skin sliding inside 3dsmax.

No existing muscle or skinSliding plugin, only custom tools and personal workflow.
So only a custom modifier to do the skin projection, a turbosmooth and a relax modifier.

It’s far to be perfect as you can see on the arm example. there are some weird parts around the shoulder for example. But all that you can see is a Skin mesh always projected on muscle meshes. So if there is no muscle the skin try to project on something, that is why there are weird deformations on some parts.
Also the spring effect on the biceps is quite strong but it’s to show how good is the skin sliding for the moment.

Muscle features :
– base mesh types cylinder and sphere
– custom muscle mesh
– custom squash and stretch corrective morphs.
– realtime spring effect
– as much Control points as I want.
– twists up and down

Skin sliding features :
– inside outside collisions
– Soft selection on closest surface with distance and falloff options.
– curve control to create a bead effect arround the collision.
– In and out options

You can also see diferent muscle types along the video, with different options and reactions

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  1. Roger
    | Reply

    Where can i download your Muscle and Skin Sliding R&D. This looks a lot better than the CAT muscles and is needed in Max right now.

  2. Jop
    | Reply

    Impressive !
    Smart use of Genome, love the push volume preservation.

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