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Updates :
– random morphs
– random on selection to easily create crowds
– Point cache Autowalk : animation based on travel distance, and auto rotation following trajectory.

Tests with another script still in developpement : Mini Crowd.



A new tool, written this afternoon to solve a problem
I need to populate a scene with many characters.

So, I model a simple character, rig it with biped, load some mocap animations and export point cache animations.
With this method I can load in my scene many characters with different animations without any rig.
But I ask myself after if it’s possible to deform each character to add variations, and having different morphologies.
And I don’t want to generate too many point cache files (a walk animation fat, slim, big head…)
The solution is to deform the mesh on top of the Point cache modifier.
I try with a morpher, but it collapse animation, you can do it with an edit poly on top of The pointcache, or a mesh_select with a push, an ffd…etc
but you have to modify it by hand for each character, and to be fast I want some presets.

So I write a maxscript plugin to do something like the morpher but with an additive method, and it keep the animation under it.

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  1. Ahmad Hasan
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    i wait such script or plugins

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