“In this beautiful job – reviving Einstein, Gandhi and King to resurrect their famous speeches as holographic animation, a simple head rig and morph targets based on the Facial Action Coding System served as the basis.

FAST was used to control the rig and all morph targets intuitively. In addition, Overmorpher_WorldSpace helped to animate smaller animations on top, directly and easily. In addition, a basic correction (e.g. larger ears) can be easily corrected over the entire existing animation. In the screengrab-video I have shown an example in the workflow adjusting some lips volume.

Thanks for the great tools and the best support.”





3D Generalist: renesiem.de

Tasks: 3D Modeling (Gandhi/King)/Texturing/Rigging/Animating and 3D Tracking/Matchmoving

Software: 3ds Max, FAST, Overmorpher, VRay, After Effects


Client: Swarovski

Artist: André Heller

Agency: Musion

Director/Artist: André Heller

Account: Christian Bauer



Igor Orovac

Matthias Schweger


3D/2D Artists:

René Siem

Lotusart, Alexander Beim (incredible 3D Einstein, lotusart.de)

CrazyPixel, Guido Perk


Production (Film, 3D Hologram, Watchout):

Alf de Waal

Musion, Robin Maass

Musion, Uwe Maass