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PhysX Painter

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Beware of the copies, this is the Original Tool
PhysX Painter is made to very quickly populate your scenes with your assets in a very natural way. It allows you to create them using a brush, and automatically place them with Rigid bodies simulation. Whether you work in architecture, game cinematics, commercials…etc you very often need to add details to your scenes with some assets. Placing them by hand is tedious and takes time to get a natural look. You also probably tried to do that with some MassFX simulations, but it takes a lot of time to get the result you want. Using this plugin will drastically improve your workflow and help you to make more believable scenes in less time.


System requirements :

– 3dsmax 2013 to 2021.

Licence details :

It’s a node locked licence. (you can only use it on one computer). You don’t need a license for render, only to build your scenes.

To get your Mac Address, you can run this tool inside 3dsmax.

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Brushes and Presets



  • Use any asset you want, your own library or buy them somewhere.
  • Percentage per asset.
  • Paint and delete multiple assets.
  • Paint one by one.
  • PhysX simulations.
  • Paint & re-Simulate locally.
  • Re-Simulate all.
  • Prevent collisions even if you don't use the simulations.
  • Save and reload brush presets.
  • You can use a specific Gravity, like a directional one or a spherical for example.
  • High def / Low def assets easy switching, or replace by specific mesh.
  • Assets selection and collapsing options.

Additional information

3ds Max Version

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

4 reviews for PhysX Painter

  1. imaginecg

    Does it will be avaible also for Max v2012?

    • Kinematic

      right now it sort of work on max 2012, but the brushes have some limitations, like you can can’t rotate and move around while brushing, that’s a maxscript problem before 2013

  2. Lahaye

    Hello, Possible to install it on 2015 and 2016 3 ds max with 1 licence on 1 computer?
    Because for my study i work with 2015 and 2016 version.

    • Kinematic


      of course yes, the same files will work from 3dsmax 2013 to 2016,
      so you buy one license and you can instal it on all your max versions.


  3. Rob

    Hi, I want to buy this plugin, (great work btw) but as the license is locked to the MAC address, what happens when I soon buy a new workstation? Can I uninstall and reinstall on new system? thanks for your help!

    • Kinematic

      Hi Rob,

      Glad to know you like it.
      if you need to switch your workstation, you will just need to send me an email
      explaining you are changing your machine, with your new mac address, and I’ll send you your new files.

  4. creeby_doofus

    Any decent tutorial videos available for this ?

    • Kinematic


      there is an help file with everything explained coming with the files when you order.
      But all it does is in the video.


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