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30.00 TTC

System requirements : 3dsmax 2013 to 2020.

Licence details :

It’s a node locked licence. (you can only use it on one computer). You don’t need a license to open or render the scenes.

Email us if you want to buy floating licenses.

To get your Mac Address, run this tool inside 3dsmax.


TopoLogiK is a new Retopology tool for 3dsmax.

It brings a more procedural, parametric and efficient approach to retopology in 3dsmax.

Some features are inspired from what you can see in other software like Blender or TopoGun.



Updates :

  • V1.11
    • Bug corrections on the pie menu and shortcuts help window for 4K monitors users who experienced an offset between the mouse and the pie menu.
    • Less slowdown on very high resolution meshes with the Create Face tool.
  • V1.10
    • The tooltip on the highmesh and retopomesh button now also show the object name.
    • Better Brush Radius sensibility, as well as Taper on Stripe tool.
    • Bug corrections : 
      • Branch tool now works even on small size meshes.
      • ShortCut window auto fill when you open it with a tool active.
      • Surface : Right click mouse btn + Alt Key caused an error.
  • V1.09
    • Bug correction : Freeze and/or crash on high mesh pick. It’s even faster now.
  • V1.08
    • New Features : 
      • Straighten selection brush (works on Vertices and Edges).
      • Symmetry functions. (Right click on the new button for options)
      • Move Brush (with a Relax function with the Shift Button pressed).
      • Number of subdivs visible on each tool.
      • Easily release the HighMesh from TopoLogiK (right click on the HighMesh button and same for the RetopoMesh).
      • Show or Hide the Edges of the HighMesh (right click on the HighMesh button).
      • Show or Hide the Shader&Map of the HighMesh (right click on the HighMesh button).
      • TopoLogiK UI remembers it’s position.
    • Bug corrections :
      • No more black or inverted normals with the Branch tool.
      • TopoLogiK now works both with Nitrous and the Legacy Direct 3D driver.
      • Various bugs corrected in the Branch tool and some display problems in 3dsmax 2019.
      • Now you get the same triangle state of your High Mesh when you release it from TopoLogiK. (no more triangulated quads).
      • Unfreeze the HighMesh and RetopoMesh when released.
      • Recover HighMesh Edges from a saved scene.
      • Bugs corrected on the Stripe tool.

Features :

All these tools work with a continuous projection on the reference mesh.

  • Stripes 
    • Paint Stripe.
    • Move Bezier knots.
    • Change bezier Knots count while keeping the curve.
    • Change Stripe subdivs.
    • Taper Ends.
    • Snap on other edges.
    • Auto adapt width.
    • Edit custom Edge ring like a Stripe.
    • Brush Radius.
  • Surface
    • Paint Surface.
    • Move Bezier knots.
    • Change bezier Knots count while keeping the curves.
    • Change Surface width and height subdivs.
    • Continue surface after surface.
    • Can extend an Edge selection.
    • Brush Radius.
  • Create Face
    • Create new face from nothing, edge, vertex or corner.
    • Auto snap/weld to the closest vertex or edge.
    • Select and extend edge loop.
    • Move vertex.
    • Delete Face.
  • Branch
    • Paint Branches.
    • Move end points.
    • Change width and height subdivs.
    • Twist and rotate.
    • Continue branch after branch.
    • Extend open branches.
  • Bridge
    • Select start and end edge loop.
    • Change bridge subdivs.
  • Cap
    • Cap hole.
    • Rotate the Cap mesh to find the perfect orientation.
    • Change the Cap subdivs with all possible cases.
  • Relax
    • Relax Brush.
    • Change Radius and Strength.
  • Move
    • Auto find the closest sub element (Face, Edge or Vertex).
    • Auto snap to closest vertex.
    • Add and remove from selection.
    • Move a selection.
    • Delete a selection or Paint delete (Face, Edge or Vertex).
    • Select Edge Loop.
    • Snap along edges.
  • Move Brush
    • Change Radius and Strength
    • Soft Radius
    • Relax brush with Shift key.
  • Straighten Brush
    • Straighten Vertex or Edge selection.
    • Select Edge Loop.
    • Add and remove from selection.
  • Freeze tools (protect faces from changes)
    • Freeze brush.
      • Freeze & Unfreeze.
      • Freeze & Unfreeze all.
    • Freeze & Unfreeze face selection.
  • Split
    • Auto-detection of the closest edge ring.
    • Slide the new Edge loop along the closest edge.
    • Split from custom Start to End edges.
  • Cut
    • Snap to vertex.
    • Snap along edge.
    • Delete selected edge.
  • Opacity controls.
  • Projection distance.
  • Live project (to project using editable poly or mesh).
  • Dynamic shortcuts reminder.

Additional information

3ds Max Version

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

3 reviews for TopoLogiK

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    allo.amyo (verified owner)

    Finally someone who understand topology !

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    koshnica (verified owner)

    Good tool. Worth the money for sure. At last, I can retopo directly in max. And the most important thing is that the creator is willing to make updates with improvement suggestions from the users. So it will get even better!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    aleksandr (verified owner)

    The support is very efficient, friendly and competent.

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