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System requirements : 3dsmax 2016 to 2021.

Licence details :

It’s a node-locked license. (you can only use it on one computer). You don’t need a license to open or render the scenes.

Email us if you want to buy floating licenses.

To get your Mac Address, you can run this tool inside 3dsmax.


VECmap tools is a new toolset to paint and use vector maps inside 3dsmax.

This tool allows you to paint vector maps directly on your meshes,
and use them to drive particles, UV or mesh deformations, Vray Fur and probably
other things.

On Particles :

Take a real artistic control over your particles motion like never before.
You just paint their force as you would paint a texture.
It can give awesome results in combination with thinkbox Stoke and krakatoa (as you see in some of the examples in the video),
FumeFX or any plugin using Pflow as a base. And also now with TYFLOW.

On UVs :

You can run a simulation to deform your texture maps using a vector map with the help of a new modifier.

On Vray Fur :

You can brush the Vray Fur Initial direction and Bend Direction using a vector map.

Beta testers : Rémi Devouassoud , deKO.LT , Walid F. AI Zayani.



Pflow mode :

With Tyflow :

UV mode :
Fur mode :
Beta test Rémi Devouassoud :
Current Version: 1.03
  • New features :

- Now compatible with Tyflow.

- Map Channel spinner : you can now choose which map channel you paint on,
and switch when you want.

- Same new Map Channel option on the UVdeform modifier.

- Random Min and Max Offset values in the SpeedFromVecs data Preset,
to add randomness on the particles position when they stick to surface.

- A little reminder of the shortcuts in the Options menu / Help.

  • Bug fixes :

- 2 New little bug fixes when you saved or loaded a map without picking a geometry.

- Gamma: Previously the toolset the gamma of max automatically, which caused problems sometimes.

Now you don't have to worry about it, it's gonna work whatever gamma choice you make.

- Shader map: Solved error when you tried to paint on an object with a shader applied and diffuse map which is not a bitmap.

Features :

  • Paint on meshes.
  • Change Brush Size: CTRL+SHIFT key.
  • Change brush opacity.
  • Change brush blur.
  • Paint vectors in the direction of your Brush Stroke.
  • Attract / repulse option.
  • Undo, Redo, Reset options.
  • Delete Brush: ALT key
  • Straight lines Brush: SHIFT key.
  • Change MAP size.
  • Save - Load a map.

Pflow mode : 

  • 2 new Data preset to read the vector maps.
  • Set a Speed from a vector map.
  • Stick on the surface.
  • change Speed of the particles along the map.
  • Rotation from the vectors.
  • A free test file (just replug the coming bitmap in the diffuse map of the geometry shader).
  • This mode can also be used with Tyflow (follow the tutorial bellow).
    Use with the TyflowSCRIPT.tfs found in your account.

UV mode :

  • New modifier to simulate UV's deformations along Vector maps.
  • or simulate mesh deformations.

This is a scripted modifier, it works very well, but be careful with too high meshes, the simulation can take time.
And trying to display the vector lines on a too high mesh can slow down 3dsmax,
(so paint your map on a low res mesh and increase the resolution to simulate ).

Vray Fur mode :

  • Paint a map to drive the Fur Initial direction and Bend Direction.

Additional information

3ds Max Version

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

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    borja.pictura (verified owner)

    Really awesome tool!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shawn (verified owner)

    Great tool! 🙂

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