Rig Hunter

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You can see a quick demo of it at the begining of my rigging reel.

Modular AutoRig Tool, Maxscripted, bipeds, quadrupeds, multipeds. You can add each body parts where you want,
as many fingers as you want on hands…

Features :
– IK/FK Stretch, deformable and Bendy limbs + scale on arms and legs.
– Foot Roll and banking.
– Squash & Stretch Spine, independant Pelvis.
– Head Look-At and Space switching.
– Head Squash & Stretch.
– Never Flip and good Shoulders and Hips deformations.
– Multiple Fingers Controls, individual phalanx influence.
– Hand pose Lock / Unlock.
– Attach / Detach props to Hands and Feet.
– Hand and Feet space switching.
– Pose Manager : Save and reload poses on Full body or on parts, mirror poses options, save animation tool.
With snapshots previz.

Hand WIP – details

No Muscles, only Bones, Scripted controllers and classic skinning.

Hand study

Camera mapping and integration of a 3D hand, using the 1st stage of Rig Hunter


Multileg Autowalk TEST

A test using a feature of my rigging tool (RIG HUNTER).
Automatic leg baking, following the body animation, the ground and some parameters like distance, height, speed…etc

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