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A quick adaptation of SNOWGUN but… in REALTIME !!!

Only the crunch borders is not realtime and is created in one click button with fiew options.

You can snow all your scene in one time.
Or for different reasons snow your scene by object or by group of objects with different parameters.

You can change each option on the fly, and if you don’t collapse the mesh you can animate all the options.




Snow projection with projection direction



SnowGun Deform

Copy the script in Maxscript Startup Folder.
Steps :
0: the coordinates of the Ground object have to be X=0, Y=0, Z=0 for position rotation and X=100, Y=100, Z=100 for scale.
1: clic on GET NORMALS
2: pick the colliders you want
3: move the time line slider to deform
4: Before baking, choose the start and the End frame
5 : click on Bake Animation, it’ll copy the mesh and bake the animation on the new mesh, or you also can use a point cache to bake the animation





SnowGun MAP

A realtime collision map generator.

Create a collision map on the UV space of the ground mesh.

– You can bake it as a jpeg sequence and use it as you want, for displacement for exemple.
– The collider object have to be an edit mesh
– You can choose or create your own brush alpha
– Change the search distance, and many brush options

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