SplinePush Modifier

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A new maxscript modifier created to challenge myself.
Based on this tutorial in Softimage ICE : vimeo.com/groups/ice/videos/67972710

Create a push deformation along splines, with a lot of controls, and a Curve control to adjust the profile.
You also can offset the deformation, and subdivide the deformation along the spline path.
You can animate everything, even the Curve control, with different animations on each spline.

When you play the animation with the modifier opened, you can see the Curve Control animated too.
If there are keyframes on the CurveControl, it’s orange, when you are on a keyframe time, the curve is red.
If there is no keyframes the curve is green.

The math part was really easy to recreate.
The tricky part was to deal with the Curve Control UI to be able to save and reload multiple curves with animation.
It’s absolutely not made for it, which is weird, because all the others UI controls can easily be saved.
But I found a kind of hack to get it work.

5 Responses

  1. Toby O'Brien
    | Reply

    looks very good, is this available please?

    • Kinematic
      | Reply

      This is just R&D for the moment, I don’t release it because it’s too performance limited in maxscript.
      To be honest it works great on a plane 40 per 40 subdivs,
      but it’s not gonna be usable on a more higher mesh unfortunately.

      I think I’m going to make a version with MCG, maybe it’s going to be faster

  2. Toby O'Brien
    | Reply

    Ok, thank you for your reply. I honestly think it would be useful to create terrains mainly and dents to objects. Detaching a poly and reattaching is not hard so I hope you do release this even as a Beta form 🙂

  3. RGhost
    | Reply

    Looks good. If performance allows it can be used to animate veins on the muscle body. Looking forward released version.

    • Kinematic
      | Reply

      Hi Veda,
      yes, my first idea was to make muscle deformations with this, but since it’s a scripted simplemod modifer,
      it’s pretty performance limited, using it on a body is going to extremely slow down your scene.
      Maybe if one day MCG offers faster mesh deformations than it does right now, I’ll reproduce it in MCG.

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