Tree Painter

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Tree Painter v2

Updates : WIND, custom Leaves animations, multiple leaves types, surface painting.


00:28 – 1:33 : Custom leaf Animations.
1:34 – 2:20 : Multiple leaves types.
2:23 – 3:02 : Leaves distribution by branches types.
3:03 – 4:35 : Paint on surfaces and other branches.
4:35 – 10:35 : Wind animation. Force by branch type.
10:35 – 12:03 : Modify trees over growth and wind animation.

Tree Painter R&D

With some features like in Speed tree.

You can paint tree branches in 3dsmax viewport, with many control options
Auto-Grow feature for trunk, branches and leaves. Riged branches.
You can finally bake it in one static or point cached mesh.
Still in developpement.

6 Responses

  1. Toby O'Brien
    | Reply

    is this actually being released?

    • Kinematic
      | Reply

      Hi Toby,
      I’m working on a much more advanced version, so yes it will be, hopefully this year 😀

      • Toby O'Brien
        | Reply

        Thank you for a prompt reply, am looking forward to this utility/tool, your scripting is very good work above most others.

  2. John Draisey
    | Reply

    Oh man, I’ve been looking for a good Speedtree alternative. Can’t wait for this!

  3. Bernhard
    | Reply

    Any news on this cool tool?

    • Kinematic
      | Reply


      this tool is still in progress with a lot of other tools.

      I have a pretty advanced tool, but not ready yet for production.
      I’m also working on a different approach using L-systems, and this version is already creating unified mesh with continuous UVS and topology.

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