I have a bug what should I do ?

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  • If that’s a license error, please read the answers to questions related to licenses.
  • Check that your models are resetXformed and collapsed before you do anything else.

This advice applies to everything in 3dsmax, you shouldn’t rig or do anything on models which have rotation or scale values.

  • Read the help file and watch the tutorials, maybe you forgot to do something, or you use it in a different way.
  • Then send us an email, with the description of what happened in details, and when it happened.

Please add to your email, a copy of the error message and also what is written in the Maxscript listener (the little pink window at the bottom left of 3dsmax UI).

If you can also send us the 3dsmax scene where you have the problem it will help a lot.

  • If we don’t find a solution with these, we can schedule a remote desktop session where I can directly see on your machine, and do tests in 3dsmax with some code to see what’s wrong.